Student and Teacher Resources

Astronomy has the power to instill a sense of wonder and joy in students and teachers like no other subject. Make learning fun while using the latest online resources and information. Presented here are links to interactive tutorials and worksheets, general educational links and public astronomy courses.

Astronomy Workshops and Courses
Expand your knowledge and your mind by attending a workshop run by astronomers for teachers and the general public.

Hands-On Learning: All Levels
Design a Mars mission, tour the solar system or solve the mysteries of deep space – interactive online tutorials and information for budding astronomers of all levels.

Hands-On Learning: Primary School
Jump into the fun side of astronomy with these interactive online tutorials for primary school ages.

Hands-On Learning: Secondary School
Interactive online tutorials and information for budding astronomers of high school age.

Hands-On Learning: Tertiary Education
Links to professional computer simulations and astronomical tools on the internet, geared towards undergraduate learning.

How to Become an Astronomer
What to become a professional astronomer? Let the ASA tell you how!

Information for Educators
General education resources and curriculum documents for educators.

Miscellaneous astronomy and astrophysics links with an educational theme.