2014 ASA Prizes

The ASA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 ASA Awards. The prize winners presented their research at the ASA meeting at Maquarie University.

  • Bok Prize for outstanding research in astronomy by an Honours or eligible Masters student
    Awarded to Ross Turner, University of Tasmania, for his thesis “Evolution of radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei.” Ross was supervised by Stanislav Shabala. In additiona, an honourable mention goes to Chris Herron, University of Sydney, for his thesis “Probing Cosmic Magnetic Fields with Faraday Rotation and Depolarisation”,  supervised by Bryan Gaensler and Shane O’Sullivan.
  • Charlene Heisler Prize for the most outstanding PhD thesis in astronomy
    arded to Justin Bray, University of Adelaide, for his thesis “Lunar Radio Detection of Ultra-High-Energy Particles.” Justin was supervised by Raymond Protheroe.  An honourable mention went to Anthony Conn of Macquarie University for his thesis “Structure of the M31 Satellite System: Bayesian Distances from the Tip of the Red Giant Branch”, which was supervised by Quentin Parker.
  • Louise Webster Prize for outstanding research by a scientist early in their post-doctoral career
    Awarded to Dr Simon Campbell (Monash Universit) for his paper “Sodium content as a predictor of the advanced evolution of globular cluster stars”.
Congratulations to all our prize winners!





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