La Trobe University

The Department of Physics at La Trobe University offers several courses in Astronomy, at 1st, 2nd and 3rd year level.

For enquiries, please e-mail: Dr. Ron Miller (

Monash University

Monash University through the Monash Centre for Astrophysics (MoCA) offers astronomy and astrophysics at all levels, from 1st year to PhD.

In addition students are required to take a selection of pure maths and physics courses depending on the stream (Astronomy or Astrophysics).

Further study in astrophysics is available within the honours program offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences.

For enquiries, please e-mail

Swinburne University of Technology

The Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in astronomy. For full details, see this link.

Swinburne also offers a fully online postgraduate coursework degree program in astronomy. Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO) includes a Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma and a Masters of Science degree.

Subjects offered include:

Information on topics each of these subjects, as well as reading lists and instructor biographies are available from the SAO course unit information page.

As part of Swinburne Astronomy Online, Swinburne offer an Astronomy Online Short Course. This is a non-assessed, non-degree program for information purposes only.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers a range of astronomy and astrophysics subjects within the Bachelor of Science and during the honours year. Postgraduate studies can be completed at the Ph.D, M.Sc. and Graduate Diploma levels.

  • PHYC10008 From the Solar System to the Cosmos (1st Year)
  • MULT10011 Introduction to Life, Earth and Universe (1st Year)
  • PHYC30014/5 Laboratory Work A/B (3rd Year)
  • PHYC30019 Astrophysics (3rd Year)

The honours project is based in one of the group’s research areas:

  • Formation and evolution of galaxies
  • Gravitational Lensing
  • Physics of Compact Objects
  • Gravitational waves

See the Astrophysics department website for further information.

The Community Access program allows any member of the general public to study subjects offered at the University of Melbourne without enrolling in a degree or alternative course of study. Visit the CAP website for more general information on this program.

For more information contact Rachel Webster (