University of Adelaide

The School of Chemistry & Physics at the University of Adelaide offers a one-semester astro course to first year students.

This course is primarily for students who wish to obtain an overall view of contemporary astronomy and our place in the astronomer’s universe and is available to all faculties. It includes topics such as: Historical introduction. Modern astronomical instruments. The solar system, structure, dimensions, orbits, theories of origin. Sun-system relations, individual planets, spacecraft results and minor members of the system. Stars, stellar distances, types of stars, variable stars, star clusters, the Milky Way, stellar evolution. Galaxies, galactic distance scale, radio astronomy, space astronomy, cosmology.

Please e-mail any comments or suggestions to Dr Bruce Dawson.

The University of Adelaide is also offering a new 3 year Bachelor of Science degree in Space Science and Astrophysics.

The program offers core training in the disciplines of astronomy, space science and physics. Students have the flexibility to supplement the course with other science, geoscience, and mathematically based work. There is also the opportunities to take part in project work at each level with established scientists in the field.

For more information regarding this program, contact Dr Roger Clay.